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GR2013 hiking trail Marseille Provence

The GR®2013 is a  metropolitain path that stretches for 365 km along which you can discover Marseille Provence in a different light.

This artistic and cultural project offers you the chance to discover a new hiking experience during your stay at  la Provence holiday village in Saint Mitre les Remparts.

This metropolitan hiking trail will take you through the countryside and housing estates, cabins and garrigues, nature reserves and motorways, hunting grounds and fishing spots, country houses and industrial estates.  This trail around the Etang de Berre lagoon and the Massif de l'Etoile mountain range reveals pockets of poetry from our peri-urban world.

This pedestrian infrastructure which takes you through the town and countryside facilitates our journeys in urban and peri-urban areas.



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Résidence de Tourisme La Provence
20 Chemin des Calieux
13920 Saint Mitre les Remparts
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